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I'm in a very indie vibe today, so I'm gonna keep it going. We haven't been able to show Oyster Kids love in a while, so I definitely want to catch back up and throw some support behind their new single "40 Nights," and mention a few of their other amazing tracks they've released since our post of their first release "Creepy" almost a year ago (wow it's been that long!!). If you haven't heard the groovy "Lips," and the laid back summer beach friendly tune "Gum (Everybody's My Friend)," do yourself a favor and put those on your day time jams playlist. "40 Nights" is their best yet in my opinion, the falsetto chorus is just too infectious. The active rhythm section keeps the song chipper while the verse vocals mesmerizingly drift on. The combination of the verse and chorus places "40 Nights" into a mixed bag of emotions: the chorus is lighter and catchy, yet the verses inspire something almost mysterious. The net result is a song that's interesting and pop friendly all at the same time, which is no simple task these days.