WRLD x Savoi // Hideaway

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Oh man oh man oh man! I've been wanting to post this track as soon as it was shown to me a week or so ago. If you're not familiar with the Netherland's WRLD then you better get familiar. He's been making some serious gems lately from tunes like "Galaxies" with Father Dude, to his dope San Holo "Light" remix, and now this piece of amazeballs music with Australia's Savoi. Dude...I can't even... candidate for feel god song of the year right here! The flowy melodies and happiness just busts through forcing a smile on your face. Do it I dare you, listen to this song and just try to be can't do it! I told you... mic dropped. Oh and you can get it as a free dl...or whatever...if you, but you should just put it on repeat on spotify instead.