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We’re living in a “Daydream” while listening to Slow Magic. Last Friday, the masked indie-electronic producer released the first installment to his project titled Dreams Pt.. 1. This double-single project is the first original from Slow Magic aside from a series of remixes released this year. The EP starts with the upbeat and pop-fused “Daydream” featuring Julianne Hope. Though it’s a lot more lyrical-focused than what our imaginary friend typically puts out, we are digging the infectious grooving melodies. Give it a listen now.



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NOKO has done it again! This duo has slowly become one of my favorite groups to anticipate new music from. Their claim to fame kicked off merely three months ago with the release of their remix to San Holo’s “Life Me From the Ground.” The remix is close to 100,000 plays on Soundcloud alone, and their other previous remixes are following a similar route.

Their newest release is a remix to The xxs “Crystalised.” They stay true to the emotions behind the vocals and back it with powerful and equally as emotional synths, giving new life to almost 10 year old song. NOKO have the ability to tackle a song that people haven’t listened to in ages and effortlessly revitalize it.

Later this summer, the two have some original music in store, with their debut EP to follow.



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To celebrate our upcoming San Francisco High Seas Boat Party with Goldroom in a few weeks, we though we would share his latest SAGUARO 2018 mix. There's nothing better than kicking off a Monday morning than with sweet sweet grooves from our bestie Goldroom, and in this mix he's bringing the ultimate summer vibes for our listening pleasure. We only have a hand full of tickets left for the boat party on July 14, so grab tickets and all your friends, and join us for the ultimate disco sunset cruse on the bay!  You can also grab a free download of this mix HERE!  


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2013 was a big year for the British indie-rock band, Bastille. The release of their single "Pompeii" topped charts for months to come post-release. While I personally feared the ensemble would hit a one-hit-wonder wall, the band continues to impress critics such a myself with outstanding new music, while dominating worldwide performances. The release of their sophomore album, "Wild World" in June of 2016 was, undoubtedly, a hit. This album included their acclaimed single, "Glory." While the track is a stand alone testament to the possessive cadence Bastille continuously showcases, Vancouver-based duo, Young Bombs, flipped "Glory" into a tropical house gem. Their remix defies your average house resonance by using a tempo that appears to rise and fall simultaneously. This Young Bombs remix is fitting for a dance party, but avoids hectic, overwhelming production and drops. It is chopped and syncopated subtly, yet showcases the complexity and musical intricacy that defines its greatness. The long haired duo turned Glory into an easy, summery listen, with little to critique and so much to revere. Get beachy with this coastal remix from Young Bombs on both SoundCloud and Spotify


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Oh boy our favorite Irish downtempo maestro EMBRZ is back smoldering again with "Heartlines." The first single from his upcoming 'Progress EP' due out this summer, "Heartlines" is a tender tune that bobs and weaves its way forward lead by Meadowlark's mesmerizing vocals. If this is an exposé of what's to come from the EP then I'm thinking it will be an absolute joy to listen to - much like this single. You can add this to your favorite playlist on your choice of streaming platforms here


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Des Moines based Kid Froopy just released an original track that hits with a one-two combo of emotional enveloping lyricism, and a hard, driving refrain. When a song can force you to invest yourself with such minimalist narrative, if any at all, its a sign of a keeper. "Show Me" just released through Zeds Dead's new label Deadbeats and has a steadily growing catalogue of tracks you'd be amiss to pass up. You can find this on your favorite digital retailer here.

WRLD x Savoi // Hideaway

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Oh man oh man oh man! I've been wanting to post this track as soon as it was shown to me a week or so ago. If you're not familiar with the Netherland's WRLD then you better get familiar. He's been making some serious gems lately from tunes like "Galaxies" with Father Dude, to his dope San Holo "Light" remix, and now this piece of amazeballs music with Australia's Savoi. Dude...I can't even... candidate for feel god song of the year right here! The flowy melodies and happiness just busts through forcing a smile on your face. Do it I dare you, listen to this song and just try to be can't do it! I told you... mic dropped. Oh and you can get it as a free dl...or whatever...if you, but you should just put it on repeat on spotify instead.


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I had the pleasure of seeing Madeon and Porter Robinson perform together last week, and damnn it was a fun ride. Seeing those two (still young) legends go toe-to-toe playing all of their hits together was a total treat! We know these guys still have a long and prosperous career ahead of them, but it was good to reflect back on their meteoric rises along with the tsunami that is dance music. Mat Zo is also legendary in his own right. These three names are honestly ones that have continually inspired me in dance music, and the hits keep coming. Mat Zo crushed this remix of "Shelter" per usual, and it makes me super happy to bring it to your ears. Dive into this one folks. You can also stream this on youtube here


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To say I have been busy has been an understatement! It's the after SXSW blues and I am so buried in work that I can't seem to get anything done! Like, I've been trying to talk about this new Kidswaste remix of "Atlas" by Les Gordon for days, but I've just not had a moment. This young producer has spread his deep chill future beats vibes all over this track, and it's making me flow into my afternoon with carefree ease! Kidswaste is rad - you guys should get into this!