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With a name like Purporangejuice, it’s gotta be good right? It sounds like a beverage concoction I would have made in the 8th grade cafeteria, but he’s really an impressively skilled producer making downtempo experimental future electronic music. This unique instrumental track “Lotus” is his debut, released via forward-thinking label Warpaint Records, which has quickly become known for uniquely talented artists in the electronic space regardless of their “genre.” 

Reminiscent of such virtuosic producers such as Mura Masa, Tennyson, or Electric Mantis, Purporangejuice’s “Lotus” is a chill journey through an array of iridescent synths, contemplative beats, and otherworldly sonics. One could liken it to floating through an interplanetary rainforest, which if you ask me is pretty freakin’ cool.