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Honestly .... I could go for happy hour 24 hours a day, especially if it sounds like this! But let's think about the best part of happy hour .... drinking when the sun is out! Does anyone else love doing this more than anything! Day drinking for life! But on the real, my loves over at Moving Castle keep handing me the heat and I can't resist any of it ... it's like they have all the secrets of my heart and they keep opening that feel good door and dumping all the good shit into my soul! Not a bad problem to have actually. "Happy Hr" by UK singer-producer SAKIMA is the latest from this LA based label, and yea.... I'm swooning. His vocals are like butter melting over hot biscuits of fluffy R&B vibes. With synthy melodies and super sexy future beats, SAKIMA will make you feel love in all the right places! Swoop this one HERE!