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"Arts and smash-" the simple story behind the mysterious ensemble Darci. Their latest drop, "Seeing Colors" is a multifaceted, future-indie piece, polished off with both darkness and glitter. Incredibly innovative, the single feels almost foreign, or, other worldly. Chrome lyrics layered over complex, highly inspired production is what defines its cosmic energy. Although the Daft Punk-esque vocals are easy to lose yourself in, the message sewn within, although abstract, is clear, "I'm seeing red. I'm seeing blue. I'm seeing every single color in the room. I let them blend. Because of you. 'Cause it's the only thing. 'Cause it's the only thing left to do." Darci is newer to the scene, yet far from novice. They are made up of poetry and rhythm, star dust and the artistic fabric of consciousness- simply put, they are novel. Explore their unique sound via Spotify. Keep buldin' Darci.