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When TastyTreat sent me this track for our next premiere, they said I better be careful because it's kinda too sexy. Yes, I'll have to agree that it's definitely too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts. Haha! One thing I have always loved about TastyTreat is their wide range of style - they can drop the dirtiest of trap beats, to dance floor ready future bass, to this sexy R&B pop vibe that we have today with "Selfish ft. Marco Foster." They're not trying to wait for our lovin' y'all - they got what we need now ... and they're selfish. Swoon! With smooth future electro sounds and soulful vocals this love song will have you feeling some type of way! You can swoop a free download HERE

Also - we have a upcoming Crossroads show with TastyTreat in San Francisco - July 28 at 1015 Folsom with the homies Prince Fox and Crywolf (DJ). It's gonna be a crazy night and Tier 1 tickets are aready sold out, so grab your tickets below while they last!