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We would have posted this sooner, but there were soundcloud global rights issues so here we are! This is a special record right here and I guess everyone is quickly taking notice because this record already has 2.2 million streams on Spotify. But hey I guess that's what you get when you put two sexy producers together like Netsky and Lost Frequencies. I saw Lost Frequencies close down the main stage at EDC on day 3 - usually the most tired and zombie like audience of the weekend, but instead everyone was jumping for joy like it was the opening set on Friday. Just a testament to how epic LF throws down. Now to the single - this record starts one way, and ends somewhere completely different. You hit play and the gorgeous flamenco-esque nylon guitar lulls you into a state of auditory bliss right as (cue the Netsky) the beat kicks in and warms you up. As the spikey chorus hits with a winding melody we're quickly brought back down into a rhythmic synth verse alongside more gush-worthy guitar. This is definitely a hit add this to your jams Spotify playlist here