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Ashe is a familiar name to our blog pages. The airy indie pop vocalist is known for her work with a slew of rising electronic producers such as Whethan, Louis The Child, Ben Phipps, and Win and Woo to name a few. She recently launched her solo career with a strong debut, a jazzy bop full of laissez-faire attitude called “Used To It."

A name that has surprisingly not yet been featured on the blog is Aire Atlantica. Another rising artist, Aire Atlantica is a “september born music producer from nyc” according to his FB page. He’s released some killer electronic remixes for the likes of Hotel Garuda, Billie Eilish, and K.Flay with his remix of “Blood In The Cut” probably being my favorite. Also be sure to check out his new originals which are more in the dance-pop crossover lane but are equally pleasing to the ear.

This latest remix of Aire’s comes via Ashe’s label Mom + Pop Records. It’s a bright new take on the record that almost feels as if Ashe is singing from aboard a 2048 space station instead of 2017 Venice Beach, California. That’s the best way I can describe it. I’ll just have to keep bumping this one in my car in LA until I can afford a trip outside the stratosphere.