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Listening to tropical house music is like drinking a cranberry kombucha with vodka on the beach. If you don't know what kombucha is, it's a fizzy probiotic tea that is essentially the tears of God- it's delicious. Dominican Republic based musician and producer, Lash, just dropped an effervescent, super-fizzy, tropical house piece titled, "I'm Gonna Be There." Lash, was once a duo of two talented producers, but has since slimmed down to producer Kelvin Beato's solo project. Lash's release of "I'm Gonna Be There" is crisp, and bubbly, like my cranberry kombucha on the beach. The tropical overtones define the track's friendly connotation, making it approachable, uplifting, and signature. Although Beato is now a one-man-band, this release proves his dexterity is astounding with, or without a partner in crime.

"From start to finish the record took me about a year and a half to complete. Music has been moving so quickly and is constantly changing so I initially took this song in so many different directions. The lyrics tell the story about a couple enduring life and it's challenges, but no matter what speed bumps they hit, they're always going to be there for each other. It's something I think everyone has experienced in one way or another throughout relationships so I wanted to build a song that was listenable for all fans of music while staying true to the sound I've built. If you've listened to my remixes, you can hear the signature "Lash" sound I've tried to create with influences of everything from pop to a bit of rhythmic dance from my home country, The Dominican Republic." -Lash