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Who doesn’t love a good switch up? Norwegian producer, Kygo has been garnering some serious attention since his 2014 release, “Firestone.” With over 560 million streams as of August 2017, he’s no stranger to international recognition. San Francisco producer, Justice Skolnik effortlessly reworks this crowd favorite with unique manner and energetic tempo. The up-and-coming producer takes a hybrid approach to dance music, while remaining true to Kygo’s tropical house feel. Skolnik has been building a repertoire remixing other classics including Flume’s 2012, “Sleepless” and Kanye West’s 2007, “Good Life” making him one of the artists to watch in 2018.

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Listening to tropical house music is like drinking a cranberry kombucha with vodka on the beach. If you don't know what kombucha is, it's a fizzy probiotic tea that is essentially the tears of God- it's delicious. Dominican Republic based musician and producer, Lash, just dropped an effervescent, super-fizzy, tropical house piece titled, "I'm Gonna Be There." Lash, was once a duo of two talented producers, but has since slimmed down to producer Kelvin Beato's solo project. Lash's release of "I'm Gonna Be There" is crisp, and bubbly, like my cranberry kombucha on the beach. The tropical overtones define the track's friendly connotation, making it approachable, uplifting, and signature. Although Beato is now a one-man-band, this release proves his dexterity is astounding with, or without a partner in crime.

"From start to finish the record took me about a year and a half to complete. Music has been moving so quickly and is constantly changing so I initially took this song in so many different directions. The lyrics tell the story about a couple enduring life and it's challenges, but no matter what speed bumps they hit, they're always going to be there for each other. It's something I think everyone has experienced in one way or another throughout relationships so I wanted to build a song that was listenable for all fans of music while staying true to the sound I've built. If you've listened to my remixes, you can hear the signature "Lash" sound I've tried to create with influences of everything from pop to a bit of rhythmic dance from my home country, The Dominican Republic." -Lash


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2013 was a big year for the British indie-rock band, Bastille. The release of their single "Pompeii" topped charts for months to come post-release. While I personally feared the ensemble would hit a one-hit-wonder wall, the band continues to impress critics such a myself with outstanding new music, while dominating worldwide performances. The release of their sophomore album, "Wild World" in June of 2016 was, undoubtedly, a hit. This album included their acclaimed single, "Glory." While the track is a stand alone testament to the possessive cadence Bastille continuously showcases, Vancouver-based duo, Young Bombs, flipped "Glory" into a tropical house gem. Their remix defies your average house resonance by using a tempo that appears to rise and fall simultaneously. This Young Bombs remix is fitting for a dance party, but avoids hectic, overwhelming production and drops. It is chopped and syncopated subtly, yet showcases the complexity and musical intricacy that defines its greatness. The long haired duo turned Glory into an easy, summery listen, with little to critique and so much to revere. Get beachy with this coastal remix from Young Bombs on both SoundCloud and Spotify


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So much good music dropping it's hard out here for a pim...I mean blogger lol. Justin Caruso bubbled into our radar when we premiered his remix of Martin Garrix's banger with Bebe Rexha "In the Name of Love." Well now he's back with his FIRST original "Talk About Me" thats perfect for that sunset drive down the PCH with your bae ridin' shotgun looking cute as hell. Well that's what I'm picturing at least, but the chill-to-bump ratio (i'm gonna copyright that haha) is just right on in this tune. Victoria Zaro's lyrics have bit of bite to them, but the nature of the instrumental offsets the spite of the lyricism just enough to give you room to smile. I'm digging - you can add this to your favorite Spotify playlist here

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Do you guys even know about a Viceroy party? Every time I head to see him play, weather it's my show or not, I spend the day prepping for what I am about to put my body through! The sultan of summer knows how to have a good time better than anyone I know - with his level ten fun vibes, crazy antics, and booty shaking tunes - I usually end up spending the next day recovering in bed! Viceroy just put out his new Just Marinate EP with two new tracks that are showing us his deep house side, and both "Marinate ft. Wilki" and "Illuminate ft. Anjulie" are delicious dance floor jams with major flames. Next weekend Viceroy kicks off his LIVE winter US tour, and I highly recommend getting out to a show! Check out tour dates below  and swoop tickets HERE!  


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I'm a bit late getting to this new one from Boehm, but it's already been putting up some big numbers on spotify with almost 800,000 plays since it's release. Sparking 2017 off right, this hybrid tropical house and pop tune features an assortment of bells, and xylophones, infectious vocal warping and a spritely rhythm section. You know Brandyn Burnette's gonna provide some excellent top line so what's not to like about this hopeful tune "Let's Give It a shot!" You can stream on Spotify here.    



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Oh man it's holiday break for me, I got to sleep in this morning, it's bright and sunny in LA (albeit a bit cold), but I'm the perfect mood to premiere this upbeat deep house record from Belgium's Sander W and Germany's Alex Brandt. Sander told me he's putting a major emphasis on including live instrumentation into not only his recordings, but also his live show as shown with the sexy sax in his tune "Make You" and now the incredible violin from Violinvasion in "Lose My Cool". This tune has some tropical roots with the xylophone melodies layered throughout, but is a total groover from start to finish. Perfect to bring you back to warmer weather, this is one of 4 tracks from his 'Four-Part Harmony' EP due for release Jan. 30th. Although you can download this one for free right here


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Some people may have contrary opinions, but I personally love the trend of vocalist cover remixes of hit tracks. It has the ability to re-energize a sometimes overplayed radio tune and showcase some rising talent. This is just the case here with A&G's remix of Veronica's cover of Drake's "Too Good." This tropical jam may be hitting your ears with snow coming down outside, but regardless it should take you away to a bright and sunny place. Andrew and Gino (aka A&G) are definitely infusing their hometown of Miami into this piano laden bobbing record full of upbeat stabs, fun melodies and a grooving vox chop chorus that's going to sweep you off to that far away beach. Veronica's cover (found here) showcases her sweet take on the original and this remix definitely expands on that foundation. You can stream on Spotify here and download for free here.



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Well lookie lookie what we have here! In what feels like a short 4 months ago I did a little review of this pool splashin' single "Outta Here" from newcomers Papa Ya. Raking up a cool 779k plays on Soundcloud, I couldn't wait to hear their next installment. Flash forward to today I've been graciously given the opportunity to premiere their next soon-to-be-hit single "Sunny." Oh man, I know Halloween is right around the corner, but this new single is very much still keeping the summer heat alive! A bumpin' bass line and snaps appropriately start this upbeat jam leading us to Nate's vocals. The chorus lyrics perfectly exemplify the spritely instrumental, "Rollin' in deep got my girls with me, party gonna start when we step out the limousine," as they chant, "Woah Oh came for the hunnies...Drink till we're Sunny!" The dance chorus has a goofy bending synth line that's so infectious you can't help but smirk and tap your toes. This duo is fully ready to blow the top off of your pool party, and I don't care what the temperature is outside. Now I just need to see the music video and all will be complete. Grab this bright and shiny single as a FREE DOWNLOAD and promptly insert into all your pool party playlists.