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Ruuth is a new name to the blog, but we’ve had backyard pool party hangs so we’re pretty much homies by now. She hails from a small island off the north coast of Germany, near Denmark, but was in Los Angeles recently for sessions with writers/producers (the likes of Emmit Fenn, Graham Candy, Younotus, Em Basa, and several other acts). 

“So Heavy” is only her second original solo release, following “All About”, her impressive debut single. With it, she continues to establish her forward-thinking lightweight electropop sound, characterized by catchy, lilting, bouncy melodies and percussive, minimal production. Lyrically, she speaks on the seriousness of a toxic relationship, “Why does it have to be so heavy? Why do we drag each other down?” Ruuth tells a compelling story through her uniquely sweet and airy vocal approach coupled with relatable lyrics and memorable melodies. We’ll be keeping a close eye on her as she continues to share more foot-tappingly terrific tunes.

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