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Weighing in at only 19 years old, Canadian producer Ramzoid’s influence on electronic music has recently witnessed a stunning, upward trajectory. His acute attention to detail, technical dexterity, and innovation breathes new life into experimental dance music. The cutting edge producer just unveiled his latest EP, “WORLD.” This catalog of finely tuned sounds is righteously diverging- both breezy and industrial. The EP’s namesake and intro track, “WORLD” is a stirring joint, tethered together with hip-hop-esque vocals and a fearless, looming melody. The beat’s ebb and flow is distinct, conducive to an unmistakable, musical movement. Controlled chaos dissolves into the gritty sounds of a mute vinyl record, as “WORLD” flawlessly sets the bar for the rest of the EP.

Disclaimer: Ramzoid is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz Staff Writer Hunter Thompson