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Texas’ genre-defying mystic nøll just revealed his digitally enchanting single, “anymore” featuring Aidan James. The first single to release from his debut EP, “anymore” is a dynamic labyrinth of notes and bars working together to cast spells on its listener. Vague trap samples glide atop a down-tempo r&b production, where classically digital electronic music expels outward. The lyricism in “anymore” is defined by a robust vocal ebb and flow, flickering with passion and seductive allusiveness. The future is bright for nøll- “anymore” stands as a palpable  testament that music is nothing short of a calling for this young taste-maker. Experimental and approachable- it’s one you need to feel.

"As a producer, it’s always a struggle to decide what you want “your sound” to be. I’ve decided that the only way to derive that authentically is to base it off what YOU think sounds good. Around this time last year, I became obsessed with acoustic guitar sounds. I knew Aidan, who does cool looping things with the ukulele, and sent him a beat based around this one guitar riff. We both bonded over that organic mix of percussion and live guitar. After he sent me the vocal, I knew I wanted to build an atmosphere that fit the somber vibe. To achieve that, I played around with different foley and glitch samples to build a sonic landscape. I always wanted to juxtapose an experimental soundscape with layered harmonies. For the vocals, I wanted it to seem very much like an internal mental struggle with oneself; much like listening to a devil and an angel over your shoulder." - nøll