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Bright, artful, cinematic, and colored with musical influences from across a veritable swath of genres and eras, Dresage is an artist who isn’t afraid of exploration and taking bold risks with her compositions. The solo project moniker of singer/songwriter/producer Keeley Bumford—who also makes infectious pop music in the duo More Giraffes—Dresage is the outlet through which she marries her love of vocal stylings from jazz greats with the maturity of dark and moody, left-of-center indie/electronic pop.

“Gallery” is her newest single, and it shines as an upbeat indie pop track, with rhythmic motion reminiscent of artists like HAIM or Betty Who, but with melodies and production that don’t fit so neatly into any specific mold. One listen will give you a peek into the brightly-colored palette that is Bumford’s personal musical gallery, where she has collected all of her personal influences and put them on display, arranging them in such a way that seems familiar, but also entirely new.