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Following the well-received unveiling of his widow [OBLIVION pt. 1] album, LA-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Crywolf is casting colleagues and new-found producers alike for his release of The OBLIVION [Reimagined]. The debut curtain call for the forthcoming remix catalog goes to Chicago-based producer Mielo. With three years of success under his belt, the versatile producer gives an 80s inspired treatment to “DRIP.” While the original joint was cut with geometric soundscapes and syncopated melodies, Mielo rinses out the track with a bit of buoyancy. A slow, narcotic intro complements Crywolf’s haunting signature sound, later blossoming into a futuristic network of punchy drum kicks and electrifying synths. A gritty film cascades atop echoing vocals, projecting colorful shadows throughout this dynamic remix. An immersive listening experience, Mielo’s clever sound design stands as the archetypal introduction to Crywolf’s The OBLIVION [Reimagined]. Watch this space.