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Following the well-received unveiling of his widow [OBLIVION pt. 1] album, LA-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Crywolf is casting colleagues and new-found producers alike for his release of The OBLIVION [Reimagined]. The debut curtain call for the forthcoming remix catalog goes to Chicago-based producer Mielo. With three years of success under his belt, the versatile producer gives an 80s inspired treatment to “DRIP.” While the original joint was cut with geometric soundscapes and syncopated melodies, Mielo rinses out the track with a bit of buoyancy. A slow, narcotic intro complements Crywolf’s haunting signature sound, later blossoming into a futuristic network of punchy drum kicks and electrifying synths. A gritty film cascades atop echoing vocals, projecting colorful shadows throughout this dynamic remix. An immersive listening experience, Mielo’s clever sound design stands as the archetypal introduction to Crywolf’s The OBLIVION [Reimagined]. Watch this space.



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LA-based musical visionary, Crywolf just released his album widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. I ]. The 16-track effort is a stunning feat, doused in emotion and artistic dexterity. Strategically placed in the story that is widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. I ] his single, “Fawn” is a chilling endeavor. The echoing sounds of a vast cathedral oscillate a bare bones guitar riff as his crystallized vocals leave a haunting pigment on the outline. The multi-instrumentalist summons a looming energy on “Fawn” leaving listeners deeply entranced- stoned in a peculiar charm. Explore the otherworldly sounds of of “Fawn” and widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. I ] today.

Disclaimer: Crywolf is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz staff writer Kelsey James

Disclaimer: Crywolf is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz staff writer Kelsey James


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Crywolf is at it again! Last month, we received the first original single from the LA post-EDM artist in the form of "Quantum Immortality", which we loved! While "Quantum Immortality" was a bit of a departure for him, being a more standardized song structure, "Windswept" brings us back to where we fell in love with his debut LP Cataclasm. He likens the track to his childhood love for Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody":

"Ever since I heard Bohemian Rhapsody as a kid, I’ve loved music that abandons typical verse/chorus structures in favor of movements — like the modern equivalent of a symphony."

"Windswept" follows in this suit, ebbing and flowing instead of hooking and repeating. If these last two masterpieces are any indicator of the quality of his forthcoming EP, we're in for a serious treat.


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Crywolf is such a boyfriend! This Los Angeles singer/songwriter not only runs in my circle of friends, he makes me swoon over his brilliant music time and time again. His new track "Quantum Immortality" is nothing short of brilliant - with his dreamy soaring vocals, synthy melodies and future feels beats it does not get much better than this! I am bias tho because .... boyfriend! You guys can grab this as a free download HERE!


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This is something we usually don't do on BB - but I am making an exception today in honor of finally meeting Crywolf face to face and seeing my first live show while in New York this past weekend. I pretty much swoon over everything this Los Angeles singer/songwriter legend puts into the world, and even tho "Anachronism" came out on the Cataclasm EP late last year, I'm revisiting the track with this new video. It's all things dreamy.  Swoop the EP via iTunes HERE!   


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Last week we released Buzzzmix Vol. 28 from this delicious Austin future bass duo Bronze Whale and they crushed! This new remix of "Slow Burn" by Crywolf was featured as an unreleased track that you could only her in the mix - but today that all changes! Now officially out in the world, you can have the remix in it's entirety ... yes please! Bronze Whale is making big moves, and I certainty can't get enough of their electro future beats! Swoop this as a free download HERE!  

Disclosure: Bronze Whale is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer Lindsey Oh


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Summer is in full swing - which for some means chill evenings and lazy weekends relaxing by the pool. And for others (like me and my fam) it's time to party! With festival season currently peaking, not a weekend goes by that we're not seeing our socials blown up with FOMO over some festival we're not at this year! It's a brilliant time to be alive! Our next guest mix is all about that party, and our homies Bronze Whale have crushed this next installment of Buzzzmix Vol. 28. This Austin future bass duo has been a bit quiet the first 1/2 of this year - hunkering down to work on fresh jams - including a highly anticipated unreleased remix of "Slow Burn" by Crywolf - which you can only currently hear on this mix!  Bronze Whale wants all of us to get lit, it's 100 percent made for hot nights in the club where we can dance like crazy and even throw the occasional trap arm! Grab a free download of Buzzzmix Vol. 28 HERE!        

Disclosure: Bronze Whale is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer Lindsey Oh

Bronze Whale - Or Nah (WIP)
CRNKN - Corridorz
Laxo - Set It Off
Bronze Whale - Love To Feel ft. Khai (Laetho Remix)
graves & Jupe - VHS
MYRNE - Someone To Hold
Crywolf - Slow Burn (Bronze Whale Remix)
Ray Volpe feat. Yung Fusion - Love Lane (KYLI Remix)
LUUDE & TWERL - Coco Butter
Blackbear - Califormula (Tarro Remix)
Tarro - Solus
Duskus & Klahrk - Take Me Higher
Jerry Folk X Eloq - You Know
MYRNE & Awoltalk - Sanctum
Havok Roth & Zankyou - Luucid
Geotheory - Do You
Opia - Falling (Wheathin Remix)
Elline - Smoke & Mirrors (Morqix Remix)
Hermitude - Midnight Train (Droptail Flip)
SteLouse - Zone (LOJACK Remix)
San Holo - Still Looking
Popeska - Doing Me Wrong
Parasite Single - The Hunt (Bronze Whale Remix)
StéLouse - 4 U
Flux Pavilion X Ekali - I Can’t Stop (Just A Tune Flip)
Imad Royal - Down For Whatever Ft. Pell (Bronze Whale Remix)


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Normally I would not touch a cover of Flume, especially this song because it's so perfect -- how could anyone else possibly bring something new to the table. But ..... I should have known that the guy to pull it off would be Crywolf! This is kind of amazing and I'm swooning! Crywolf has that effect over me all the time - his angelic voice makes me swoon like a little girl .... oh boys! His cover of "Never Be Like You" is future electro pop perfection, and the best part is that you can grab a free download HERE


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Our friends at Requiem Events in Sacramento are starting a live music series - and this first show is soooooo dreamy! Crywolf made our Best Of 2015 list, and we have the ultimate BB crush on him ... we crush pretty hard too! He's been debuting his live set in select US cities, and we were able to help facilitate this one for our homies in SAC! I am so excited I can hardly wait! Presale tickets are still available - so get on this one kids!