All The Wonder


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Well this is an awesome combination of names that has resulted into a juicy record that has got me in such an introspective mood. Eau Claire's been a frequent contributor to our pages, and N2N certainly hasn't been a stranger either. If you have heard N2N's awesome new original "Mistress (ft. Yaarrohs)" then you might start to understand the sound reflected in this remix. Eau Claire's original has more of an upbeat disco vibe to it while N2N's version has taken a deeper more intriguing approach that flips us into another dimension. Channeling the late night vibes, this remix features a lead melody that calmly swoops around as the bass grooves us into a sense of ease. We've heard there are more remixes due from Eau Claire's "All the Wonder" EP soon, but until then you can swoop this as a free download here.   


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Fresh on the heels of the creation of her very own label Feed Me Disco, Eau Claire wows with debut EP "All the Wonder". The first and signature track of the EP features for the first time Eau Claire's own vocals laid over keyboard reminiscent of all those tracks that made you first fall in love with house music. The EP's second track "Room" follows up with a one-two combo from DC's own Camille Michelle Gray and Cautious Clay, providing vocal support and a saxophone solo respectively. Following the EP release, Eau Claire will make her way down the Eastern Seaboard on tour at the end of September and into October. Between shows and future releases through Feed Me Disco, as well as 3 years of experience under her belt, you better believe Eau Claire is a force to be reckoned with.

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