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Holy mother of collabs, we knew this Whethan thing was a growing trend, but shitt now it's a full on tsunami of buzz with this huge new track featuring the one and only Flux Pavilion! Ethan aka Whethan has been building support for his tunes, starting to tour (he crushed it on tour with Bearson last summer) and is now putting out some banger tracks. The "Savage" vocals come courtesy of NYC's actor/singer MAX who's put his pop friendly vocals to this grimey tune full of spikey rhythmic bass, breakdowns of guitar, and a piercing snare. This tune is 100% ready to be your hott and steamy winter warmer. Get it Get it! You can stream/download from Big Beat here.      


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Fox Stevenson is known for bringing us awesome dubstep hits, and with his new single ‘Rocket’ he absolutely hits it out of the park! This new track features a distorted riff that’ll have you up on your feet before you’ve even realized. After the first drop it’s hard imagine where else he could go, but somehow the second drop is even more hardcore than the first! This banger is the kind of heavy dubstep that you just can’t stop listening to. If you don’t already go and follow Fox Stevenson on Soundcloud, cause he never fails to drop awesome tracks.


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The first time I heard of Brig was in 2013 when he released his Mutiny EP on Disciple Recordings. I can still vividly recall his signature island-esque synths making an imprint on my ear, and recognizing that it was an artist to be reckoned with. To my surprise, he just recently released a brand new EP called "Summer Melancholy", with the title track undoubtedly being the most powerful. Its refreshing future bass melodies are quite pleasing to the ear, and it's great to see that he still has that bouncy vibe in his music we all know and love. You can grab a free download of the new EP HERE!


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Every year I meet a fresh group of musicians who play one of my events throughout the US, and every year there is one person or persons (usually Australian) who totally steal my heart! I know we are only 1/2 way through 2015, but I'm convinced Carmada will walk away winning! I've already done 2 shows with this gorgeous Aussie duo, and kinda chomping at the bit to do more! They have provided us with their top 5 summer jams, and as I suspected they have handed over an eclectic group of tracks -- asking us to get low,  chill out, and feel summertime vibes for days!  

This Friday Carmada will be slaying their live set in San Francisco at 1015 -- and I'll be there raging!! If you are in the bay area this is something you cannot miss!  Tickets are on sale now - so grab a pair HERE and meet me and the Aussies there!!

Nick Lynar - Too Dope
Perfect track for chilling by the poolside

Bengal - The Nile
This track makes you want to do backflips of jetty's into water!

Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars
There's no need to explain this track, just listen and you'll understand. 

The Similou - All This Love
Mad because it's real sick and makes everyone do mad stuff!

Bob Marley - Could You Be Loved
Just because it's Bob.