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On his perpetual endeavor to capture the hearts of millions through sound, Nashville-native Super Duper stuns in his “Open Eyes,” featuring Nashville songstress Madi Diaz. A captivating journey through lush synths and sublime vocals, Super Duper’s latest and final single ahead of EP release is a true treat. Ripe with passion, “Open Eyes” charms from the get-go, and entraps eager listeners alike. Stay tuned — Super Duper’s Vessels EP is out everywhere Friday, March 8.

Disclaimer: Super Duper is Promoted by Beautiful Buzzz Staff Writer Alli Lindsey

Disclaimer: Super Duper is Promoted by Beautiful Buzzz Staff Writer Alli Lindsey


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Finally it's Friday and I am ready to crush this weekend with large amounts of chill. To kick things off, our love Slow Magic has released his new single "Light ft. Tropics" from his forthcoming album and I am psyched! Having been a huge Slow Magic fan since forever, every time this legend puts out new music it's like it's Christmas Day. With light ethereal melodies mixed with swirly vocals and synthy future beats, this new track is heavenly! I can't wait to hear more!



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Some tracks just make you feel good - like eating the most delicious sushi, or having a puppy kiss your face - makes ya feel so so so good! Our next premiere is doing just that, the feel good vibes are strong and I'm thinking I'll be jamming this one allll day! New York producer Jay xero teamed up with LA Legend and Space Yacht co-founder LondonBridge on "Gonna Go With You" and asked me to show the world .... well, at least show all you BB readers!  Ha! It's bouncy fun sound is making me long for late summer nights out on the town with my crew hitting a show and hitting that bottle! Jay xero says this is “a tune about fleeting, wordless love… and the healing powers of touch." Swoon! Get into this one fam!  


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New Jersey rapper Rahmaan just teamed up with French producers Workers to drop a vibey, bouncy track reminiscent of Anik Khan over a Soulection beat. Adding to a growing pool of rising stars of South Asian descent, Rahmaan's lyrical content and delivery show how a new generation of experiences and culture is infusing itself into hip hop, and music overall. Hip Hop is at least in part defined by its ability to act as a medium for the examination of an individual or group's unique perspective into the American experience. The more diverse these stories are the richer the experience for everyone involved. 


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There should only be one thing on everyone's mind in America today - and that is to go vote! I'm not gonna tell you who to vote for, but I am gonna say if you willing chose not to vote, you are a loser! You may think we were dealt a shit hand in this election - but not voting is the most pussy move to make - so don't be a pussy. Also, this new track "Louder" by German outfit Drunken Masters ft. Portugal. The Man is super bad ass - out now via Fools Gold Records you gotta check this out! Blast it through your earbuds on your way to the polls!   


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Earlier this week it was reported that Porter Robinson had released a remix of ZHU’s ‘Faded’. Shortly after, however, Robinson denied that he had anything to do with it. A little further digging ended in finding the remix on the page of new artist ORIGAMY. With little social media following and only 2 posts on soundcloud there is now a lot of speculation as to who ORIGAMY really is. This remix is incredible, with masterfully distorted vocals, smooth synth vibes and a powerful beat it’s easy to see why people think there must be a high profile producer behind it. The vibe of this remix is awesome, it’s chill but driven at the same time, one might even say it sounds faded. Quite frankly I don’t care who ORIGAMY is as long as they continue to release tracks like this.


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This remix is rad! The title of this track definitely lacks creativity in a big way ... but that's not our boy Wheathin's problem! Bad title or not, he crushed this track 6 ways from Sunday! This young Chicago producer is starting to emerge into our world as a serious contender as the next dance music ambassador of feel good future sounds! I love him! His version of "10 Victoria's Secret Models" by MAX is hot!  Wheathin has a few upcoming shows with Bearson over the next week - definitely gonna be at the San Francisco show! Check for all dates HERE!  


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Our homie Louis Futon is back at it again! This Philly producer has been making some of our favorite tracks over the past few years, and I often drop his name when people ask who they should be listening to. His new remix of "Unique" by Goldlink ft. Anderson .Paak is a brilliant mix of future beats, hip-hop and soulful R&B. This one has some serious groove too ... I love it! Louis Futon impresses the shit out of me really - he's so diverse and crushes every sound he takes on, and you can tell he pours every ounce of himself into this music. This one is out now via Soulection and you can swoop it on iTunes HERE!