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Wow filous (pronounced fih-loo ha ha i def got it wrong for a while) just can do no wrong. This young Austrian (only 19!) has wisdom and skills well beyond his years, and its no wonder the industry has taken such notice. His brand of folky electronic relies on real instruments, and does so in such an smooth way. His latest "Goodbye" is winter-inspired cross-breed of ambient electronic and pop. Mat Kearney's voice gives the tune a singer-songwriter like quality to it that mixes perfectly with filous' often guitar filled instrumental. Out today on Ultra Records you can add this to your favorite winter time Spotify playlist here.  


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Every once in awhile I get dealt the winning hand, and all the planets and stars aligned at the perfect time to provide me exactly what I need .... the best intern ever.  Vinny takes care off all the things I can't while delivering the perfect cup of coffee during the week, and keeping my mimosas full on the weekends ... he's the best intern ever.  However, he is a Christmas freak! He loves Christmas - the music and food and all the decorations - and if you know anything about me you know I can't stand Christmas. So now, my perfect intern has started to taunt me with Christmas, making me mix tapes and trying to put pumpkin spice in my coffee. He even gave me a gift today .... bah humbug! All of this brings us to our next premiere, and Vinny's Christmas joy must be rubbing off on me because this track is a Christmas song!! 19 year old Austrian producer filous releases a brilliant cover of this seasonal classic "Let It Snow" today via Ultra, and I'm shocked to say that I 100% love it! It's hard for me to think that filous would produce anything less than greatness, and this beautifully eerie electro folk track will be a favorite  those of you who are Christmas lovers.. It gets the Vinny stamp of approval.