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Making a stunning debut, former Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur and current purveyor of the now, Y Balloon unveils “Mockingbird.” The cinematic triumph is the lead single to his forthcoming JOMO EP - the joy of missing out. Atmospheric chords stretch across a plane of robust synths, as feathered vocals whisper in the background. “Mockingbird” was released in parallel with a visually breathtaking music video that features the producer isolated in the desert while a dancer moves fluidly to the natural ebb and flow of the rhythm. This inaugural single marks the beginning of a fruitful vision for the producer. Watch this space for more from the LA ace, Y Balloon.



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Putting an invigorating spin on LSD’s “Acid,” Justice Skolnik returns with this stellar remix. For those not familiar with the powerhouse ensemble, LSD is an acronym for musicians Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo. Time and time again, Justice Skolnik has proven himself to be a phenomenal mixer, taking signature hits and successfully breathing a new life into them. His latest offering is an optimistic, upbeat framework of future bass. Tune in with us.

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Sometimes I listen to something, and it’s so good on the first listen I just feel compelled to share it with more people. I think that’s the real reason why music bloggers choose to write about music. As much as I love writing, I wouldn’t post a song publicly if I didn’t think that other people would enjoy it as much as me. 

This remix is one of those tracks that was so good that I knew after the first drop that I had to share it with the BB fam. Don't wanna jinx it but this could go #1 on HypeM easily, knock on wood. I’ve heard the original which is incredible, as most things from LA’s favorite homies Sweaters and Kiyoko usually are, and I’ve seen the name Spirix floating around the interwebs, so I could say I sort of knew what to expect from this song. Little did I know what I was in for. Spirix has taken “Glory Days” and turned it from an exciting electropop song into an electrifying supercharged magnum opus. The flawless production chops demonstrated in this remix of an already melodically impressive and hook-laden song just make you want to listen on repeat. If you weren’t already watching Spirix, this remix is reason enough to start.

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Dig the branded photo? Let us know! Our emails are in the 'About' section and we listen to everything.


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This last year has been an absolute breakout for not only San Holo's career but also his crew of future music stewards at his label bitbird. We were lucky enough to have him at our SXSW event last March, and it's clearly evident that his popularity is spreading like wildfire. San Holo's style has continued to evolve and morph, and this is easily shown in his latest fittingly titled "The Future" featuring none other than James Vicent Mcmarrow. These two names together should already get you pumped, but then you hit play, and it's pretty much everything you could ask for and more. Characteristically SH vocal chops lead the way for effervescent pads and heavenly guitar expertly dialed in below JVM's characteristically raspy falsetto. "I think too much, when I think about the future" he sings as we're swept away from thinking about pretty much anything. The chill chorus cascades in filling up pretty much all the available sonic space left. This one is definitely another home run add this to your best Spotify playlist here


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North Carolina producer Yen channels his inner Sango with his newest single "Whippin'". Released through Proper Vibes, "Whippin'" follows up on his excellent Missy Elliot remix alongside fellow Proper Vibes producer Evan Inc. Personally, i'm just happy to hear some good news coming out of North Carolina after the past few weeks. The day this guy starts jumping on some lineups, I'll be first in line and you can quote me on that. You can download this for free right here.


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Rising star ye. just dropped his latest riveting fusion of hype vocal samples, awesome synths and heavy hitting baseline. Fresh on the heels of his Halsey "New Americana" flip, ye. delivers more fireworks yet again with another dance floor ready hit featuring the vocals from Demi Lovato's "Cool for the Summer". Watching the momentum build around this young act is as exciting as it gets so don't sleep on this!!!! You grab this as free download here.


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Monday is a perfect day to blog this amazingly unique and creative record from Dooqu & Ashdown. This is the second collaboration from this twosome - check out our coverage of their first collab "Incompetent Competitions." They obviously found something that worked with the first record, and have followed it up nicely with this one "Dust." I really like this tune because it not only showcases each's prowess at songwriting, but also the teamwork that is built up through the vocals and production. The longing piano and pads combine with a quirky rising arp behind the first verse building us into an eclectic but nonetheless effective chorus. The synth shuffles down with intricate precision as the keenly placed vocals evolve into a terrific vocal chop. The chorus wobbles ahead as a repetitive bell sounds in the background flushing us back down into the second verse. Not exactly your weekend banger, but "Dust" is still sending chills down my spine. Out via Heroic Recordings you can get the stream or free download of "Dust" here

DooquAshdown Dust.jpg


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I've been slowly ramping up the intensity with my posts today, and I've got a heavy hitter right here from San Jose's MRVLZ (pronounced marvels in case you were wondering). "Her Name" is groovy beast with pumping synth stabs and a killer guitar-like synth solo after the first chorus. The vocal chops fit perfectly with the rhythm and synthwork intricately placed with ease. This is a fun record and I've grooving to it for a couple days now AND you can nab this as a free dl so hit it up!


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I was just telling the boys over at Moving Castle that I was so happy they put out this new YesYou record - it kind of makes me feel like I've come full circle with this Australian duo! I have supported every move they have made since day one, and now they are rollin with my Moving Castle fam, and have evolved into making some of the most brilliant music ever! This new YesYou remix of "Secrets" by Dugond ft. Tashka is a beautiful combination of funky indie dance mixed with future beats that is perfection - totally original and totally awesome .... pretty much made my week! You can grab a free download HERE