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Monday is a perfect day to blog this amazingly unique and creative record from Dooqu & Ashdown. This is the second collaboration from this twosome - check out our coverage of their first collab "Incompetent Competitions." They obviously found something that worked with the first record, and have followed it up nicely with this one "Dust." I really like this tune because it not only showcases each's prowess at songwriting, but also the teamwork that is built up through the vocals and production. The longing piano and pads combine with a quirky rising arp behind the first verse building us into an eclectic but nonetheless effective chorus. The synth shuffles down with intricate precision as the keenly placed vocals evolve into a terrific vocal chop. The chorus wobbles ahead as a repetitive bell sounds in the background flushing us back down into the second verse. Not exactly your weekend banger, but "Dust" is still sending chills down my spine. Out via Heroic Recordings you can get the stream or free download of "Dust" here

DooquAshdown Dust.jpg