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Sigh .... All the awesome vibes right here - it's just what the doctor ordered for a mid week pick-me-up! Los Angeles electro-pop duo Ardency have delivered a fantastic mix for our next installment in the Buzzzmix series. They are all shiny and new, just starting to open their eyes and stretch their wings into this big scary world ... and with this mix they are telling us everything is gonna be just fine! They have selected perfectly chill tracks that have us floating through the daily obstacles with ease ... I suddenly have 0 cares in the world and I'm left with all the warm and fuzzy feels! We've been loving everything Ardency has been putting into the world lately, and you should too! You can grab Buzzzmix Vol. 26 as a free download HERE

Jill Baylon - Fine (prod. Patrick Zappia)
Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill
Ardency - Crystals (feat. Icelandia)
Etienne de Crécy - You (with Madeline Follin)
Regina - Haluan Sinut (Kisses Remix)
WRLD x Father Dude - Galaxies (Ardency Remix)
Candyland - Bring The Rain (Brown & Gammon Remix)
Louis The Child - It’s Strange (Ardency Remix)
Ardency - Like That
Bee’s Knees - Love Will Never Do (Janet Jackson Cover) Feat. Scavenger Hunt
Louis Vivet - ID
Ardency - Outlines


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This one flew under my radar, and I feel that is MUST be heard! There is another soundcloud glitch in the world of what is the soundcloud headache - and that is if a track is released on a big label, it's uploaded to soundcloud in the same way as iTunes or Spotify, so when the track goes live it is not re-uploaded to look like a fresh track - looks old. For example, this amazing filous cover of "Feel Good Inc." by Gorillaz dropped two days ago, yet the soundcloud player right now says it's 17 days old! Normally I would have passed putting this track up because it's too old ... but I decided to look closer because I love filous and could not believe I missed this! All these things make life a bit more annoying because I just have to waste time checking when tracks are actually released, but when you have music like this being put into the world I can't complain too much! filous is rad, this NEW cover is rad, and you can grab it from iTunes HERE!