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This one flew under my radar, and I feel that is MUST be heard! There is another soundcloud glitch in the world of what is the soundcloud headache - and that is if a track is released on a big label, it's uploaded to soundcloud in the same way as iTunes or Spotify, so when the track goes live it is not re-uploaded to look like a fresh track - looks old. For example, this amazing filous cover of "Feel Good Inc." by Gorillaz dropped two days ago, yet the soundcloud player right now says it's 17 days old! Normally I would have passed putting this track up because it's too old ... but I decided to look closer because I love filous and could not believe I missed this! All these things make life a bit more annoying because I just have to waste time checking when tracks are actually released, but when you have music like this being put into the world I can't complain too much! filous is rad, this NEW cover is rad, and you can grab it from iTunes HERE!