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Passing up posting a filous track is pretty rare for me - I think he's the bee's knees! At only 19   years old - this young music maker has totally stolen my heart with his solid indie dance sound, I love everything he puts into the world.  filous is back with his fellow Vienna based friend MOUNT for this new original "Emelie ft. Buster Moe" that is full of uplifting melodies with a deep dance groove! Grab that download HERE


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This one flew under my radar, and I feel that is MUST be heard! There is another soundcloud glitch in the world of what is the soundcloud headache - and that is if a track is released on a big label, it's uploaded to soundcloud in the same way as iTunes or Spotify, so when the track goes live it is not re-uploaded to look like a fresh track - looks old. For example, this amazing filous cover of "Feel Good Inc." by Gorillaz dropped two days ago, yet the soundcloud player right now says it's 17 days old! Normally I would have passed putting this track up because it's too old ... but I decided to look closer because I love filous and could not believe I missed this! All these things make life a bit more annoying because I just have to waste time checking when tracks are actually released, but when you have music like this being put into the world I can't complain too much! filous is rad, this NEW cover is rad, and you can grab it from iTunes HERE!  


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Our favorite thing to do here at Beautiful Buzzz is expose all you amazing people in the world who actually read this blog to fresh up-and-coming artists we think need to be on your radar. Today's Buzzzmix Vol. 24 does just that! We were recently introduced to PALASTIC from an awesome filous remix they put out a last month.  We are huge filous supporters, and once we found out PALASTIC was also from Vienna making the same kind of super viby jams, we were hooked right away! Vienna is an infamous city of music, creating some of the first rock stars the world has ever known .... like Schubert, Strauss, and Mozart ... pretty impressive!! When you walk down her streets you can feel the energy of these greats resonating throughout ... at least I did! I imagine it's a fantastic place to create music, and it reflects in this carefully curated Buzzzmix.  This duo has captured that feeling of summertime sunsets and late night dancefloor grooves for all the feels! Get to know PALASTIC, it will be the best thing you do all day!  Grab a free download HERE!

filous - Shaded In (PALASTIC Remix)
filous - Dusk
Safia - Embracing Me (Mazde Remix)
Nihils - Not A Man Of Violence (PALASTIC Remix)
Wild Culture Vs. Riley Pearce - Brave
Kytes - On The Run (MOUNT Remix)
Mazde - Spreewaldplatz
Peking Duk feat. Safia - Take Me Over (Benson Remix)
MOUNT & Nicolas Haelg - Something Good
Odesza - Say My Name (feat. Zyra) (Hayden James Remix)
PALASTIC - Don´t Hesitate feat. Rezar (VIP)
filous - Dawn feat. Robb


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It's time for another round of night blogging! It's been a day full of phone calls with agents and trying to put together amazing shows! As much as my job is a 24/7 kind of thing, when I stand in the wing of that stage and watch my artists play packed clubs for thousands of smiling faces, it really makes it all worth the struggle. Enough about me, let's talk about PALASTIC because I am loving everything about them riiight now! First - we are huge filous fans - in fact I was having a discussion with a close friend today who also happens to do PR - and he told me that BB was one of the first blogs to start talking about him ... that's cool to know! Second - getting to learn about this awesome production duo PALASTIC through their new remix of "Shaded In ft. Jordan Leser" by filous was pretty much the best thing to happen to me today! Gotta say there are some really cool music makers coming out of Vienna ... this is delicious x 100! 


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It's about that time of day where we all need to chill out! Maybe you had a bad day at work, someone ate your sandwich or your boss yelled at you, or maybe your stress level is through the roof.  Whatever the reason, this new Robotaki remix of "How Hard I Try" by filous is chill af! With silky vibes and glitchy beats, this soothing remix brings things to a steady feel good level, and I'm feeling like everything is going to be just fine! This Canadian producer finds the perfect mixture of chill house and future feels - I'm totally in love! Get into Robotaki!

Disclosure: Robotaki is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Lindsey Oh + Alli Lindsey


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Well, this is the best news I have heard all week! One of my most favorite new producers, filous, will be joining RAC on tour this winter in the states, and this makes me so unbelievably happy I could do 100 cartwheels! Our homies RAC always crush the remix game, and their dance-pop vibes on "How Hard I Try ft. James Hersey" are brilliant, as usual. Getting to see both filous and RAC in one night is perfection, I just wish November would get haea ASAP! Check out the tour dates HERE!


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We have been keeping a close watch on this little muffin, and gotta say we pretty much love everything he puts into the world.  filous is a young producer from Austria - another talented kid who is barely legal and absolutely slaying the jams, one after another after another.  He's given us a Top 5 summer jams playlist that he believes are fire - and we have to agree!  You should also check out all filous tracks because ..... they are bananas good! Enjoy! 

RAC - Back Of The Car
Like many songs from RAC "Back of the Car" is one of those songs that will instantly put me in a good mood. The perfect motivational, feel good summer track.

Me & My Toothbrush - One Thing (Nora En Pure Radio Mix) 
Absolutely fantastic production on this one. Love the floaty and chill, but also dancy vibe of the track!

PALASTIC - Don't Hesitate ft. Y Z R
I have been listening to PALASTIC constantly for the last two months and fell in love with everything they have put out so far. "Don't Hesitate" is a great, catchy and unique track - love it!

Mura Masa - Lovesick Fuck
That awesome steel drum melodie combined with that groovy beat is killing me, I just can't stop listening to this song!

Big Wild - Afterglow
That moment when the drop is kicking in is a pure bliss. Definitely one of my favourite tracks at the moment!


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Our favorite Austrian producer is at it again! This week filous released his next single "Dawn ft. ROBB" and it's bananas good! This teen legend is killing the vibes with this track, filled with floating summertime beats and ultimate grooves! He's pretty cool, I kinda want filous in my headphones all the time! His debut EP "DAWN" is now available for pre-order with iTunes HERE! I have no doubts filous has a super bright future - listen and love!