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If you didn’t cry to Dido’s “White Flag” when you were way too young to be crying to any kind of music, then you haven’t lived. The legendary track is a staple in Dido’s collection, just barely taking precedence over her equally phenomenal release “Thank You.” In a fearless pursuit, Australia’s rising producer Mickey Kojak gave the early 2000s single a chromatic treatment. The multi-instrumentalist and wide-range electronic producer revives Dido’s original with his own vocals and a unique take on the established beat. Although Mickey is goofy and charismatic as hell, his cover is equally as emotional as the original. Nostalgia pairs like a fine with his signature sound here as his vocal presence is more apparent than ever, allowing listeners to delve into a side of Mickey that is often overlooked. This Aussie cutie gets better with every offering, and we’re eager to hear more from the doll himself.

Disclaimer: Mickey Kojak is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz staff writer Hunter Thompson

Disclaimer: Mickey Kojak is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz staff writer Hunter Thompson


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The viceroy smoking, gap toothed, skater-boy, Mac Demarco is one of the most prominent figures in contemporary indie-rock music by any standard. His cult-like following, and general energy is fearless, and flamboyant with grit, so covering the legend is no easy feat. But, Sydney’s multi-instrumentalist producer and singer, Mickey Kojak is challenging the notion that legends’ music should be left unmarked. His dusty-chrome production, and breathy vocals are sent through an AM-radio-esque filter, as he executes a cover of Mac’s “Chamber Of Reflection.” Mickey plays each instrument, produces each note, and uses his own innate gift of vocal excellence to redefine the original track. While remaining true the OG piece, Mickey inks his signature unto the melody- slowing its cadence, and ripening its meaning with a soft, introspective 80s-style synth. This cover is distinctively sensual, yet remains easy-going and playful. This Aussie cutie took a little piece of my heart with this cover- keep him on your radar, because this track proves his musicianship is teetering at the tipping point. Catch you on the other side.


Disclaimer: Mickey Kojak is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz Staff Writer, Hunter Thompson


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Super excited for this next premiere! If you follow us here at BB, you know we are huge fans of On Planets -- I feel like he's 100% part of our fam because we've supported this legend from the start. Today he drops a fantastic cover of "Flume" by Bon Iver and I feel like my poor writing skills will not do him justice for just how excellent this is. If I was a fancy writer I would deconstruct each element using colorful descriptive words to try to paint a picture of what this sounds like. But ... I'm not that fancy - and you'll just have to trust my good taste and believe me when I say .... this is the bomb! We love you On Planets! You guys can swoop that free download HERE

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My fave brassy duo are back with another delicious cover of a famous hip hop track. Following up on their cover of "All Of The Lights" with Alexander Lewis they've chose to take on Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Llif3". Someone told me that Lil Uzi Vert is a messed up version of lucifer? Not sure if that's a joke or true, but now I'm wondering where he got that name haha. Anyways the Brasstracks boys do their thing and deliver another fun gem that's a head bobber for sure. Oh and it's on Spotify too >>>>

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There are many days I feel like the "music industry" should be renamed to the "hustle industry" because we all live that hustle life. I've never met harder working individuals anywhere else, from artists to agents to managers to buyers, we all work 24-7 and never give up. If you don't know that hustle life, you're doing it wrong! Know who's doing it right tho ..... these two incredible artists riiiiight here! LA Producer Alexander Lewis and Brooklyn future bass duo Brasstracks combined their big brassy sounds on this cover of "All Of The Lights" and I am feeeeeling it. Both these rising stars have spent the past year on that strong hustle releasing one fire track after another, and we love supporting them every step of the way! This is the future of music, these are the guys breaking new ground. You can grab a free download HERE

Disclosure: Brasstracks is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Lindsey Oh + Alli Lindsey


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Well, Lido is constantly surprising me ... and after a very stressful day I came home to this! Peter Gabriel is one of my most favorite musicians ever, and Lido's cover of his song "Solsbury Hill" has put me at ease. Lido is just so fucking good! His glitchy future feels version is both innovative and creative filled with light melodies and soulful vibes. I can't get enough!   


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"Creep” is a classic 90’s song from Radiohead that spoke about all the imperfections we have as humans and how we wish we can change them. The mood  of the classic song is depressing to say the least, which is why we have to truly admire KSHMR for having the ability to turn this trackinto an upbeat, fun song. KSHMR does a phenomenal job in the musical variety. The beginning of the song starts with a ukulele that makes you think it will keep the island vibe, but then we hear an electric guitar come in pretty strong. Now we are led to believe that it has the ability to be an alternative song. KSHMR dupes us again and brings on some synthesizers with a hip-hop beat to make you dance to “Creep (cover)”. Astounding the abilities KSHMR poses to twist and manipulate such a song to whatever genre it pleases. It is a journey of multiple paths that KSHMR does not allow you to truly hold onto by changing it so often but in the end, we are thankful for such a magnificent, surreal path.


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Many music legends like Ray Charles and Elvis Costello have covered famous songs from Johnny Cash with their own unique sound and the results have been nothing short of spectacular. Here comes Monophona, dare to be extreme and cover the song that solidified the Man in Black to epic badassery when he played this song in the actual Folsom Prison back in 1968. This “Folsom Prison Blues Cover” keeps the dark aura of the song by producing its own dark sound with the guitar and bass. The continuous riff that is being played by the guitar keeps the essence of a  rhythm and blues and gets you swaying the way Johnny Cash had people moving back in the day.  The vocals match the vibe perfectly as she is singing with such soft yet dark range that reverberates due to her channeling the spirit of Johnny Cash himself. Monophona are breaking new ground and will continue to break new ground because they are that talented and just that badass. Monophona dares to be extreme, dares to go above and beyond, and dares to use the darkness and let the music naturally blossom into epic wonders. Check out the new 8th wonder of the world, Monophona’s “Folsom Prison Blues."


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I have some real love for Canadians - over the past few years I have made some really rad musical friends from that beautiful country, and that circle is only growing. Today I wanted to introduce you to Fjord, a fantastic up-and-coming duo from Quebec who have melted my heart with their cover of "Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black) by the legend Neil Young. This version is brilliant! Filled with floating synths and atmospheric vocals, Fjord crushes this one with all the feels! Their full length album Textures will be out September 16, so until then keep this one on repeat.