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"Creep” is a classic 90’s song from Radiohead that spoke about all the imperfections we have as humans and how we wish we can change them. The mood  of the classic song is depressing to say the least, which is why we have to truly admire KSHMR for having the ability to turn this trackinto an upbeat, fun song. KSHMR does a phenomenal job in the musical variety. The beginning of the song starts with a ukulele that makes you think it will keep the island vibe, but then we hear an electric guitar come in pretty strong. Now we are led to believe that it has the ability to be an alternative song. KSHMR dupes us again and brings on some synthesizers with a hip-hop beat to make you dance to “Creep (cover)”. Astounding the abilities KSHMR poses to twist and manipulate such a song to whatever genre it pleases. It is a journey of multiple paths that KSHMR does not allow you to truly hold onto by changing it so often but in the end, we are thankful for such a magnificent, surreal path.