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Many music legends like Ray Charles and Elvis Costello have covered famous songs from Johnny Cash with their own unique sound and the results have been nothing short of spectacular. Here comes Monophona, dare to be extreme and cover the song that solidified the Man in Black to epic badassery when he played this song in the actual Folsom Prison back in 1968. This “Folsom Prison Blues Cover” keeps the dark aura of the song by producing its own dark sound with the guitar and bass. The continuous riff that is being played by the guitar keeps the essence of a  rhythm and blues and gets you swaying the way Johnny Cash had people moving back in the day.  The vocals match the vibe perfectly as she is singing with such soft yet dark range that reverberates due to her channeling the spirit of Johnny Cash himself. Monophona are breaking new ground and will continue to break new ground because they are that talented and just that badass. Monophona dares to be extreme, dares to go above and beyond, and dares to use the darkness and let the music naturally blossom into epic wonders. Check out the new 8th wonder of the world, Monophona’s “Folsom Prison Blues."