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I'm kind of in a mood this morning - I'm just wanting to love on everyone with hugs and cuddles, so I'm gonna talk about this special dude. Some people come into your life and continuously blow your mind, and STéLOUSE is one of those guys. The music this guy is making is next level - beyond top quality .... every one should be in awe of his greatness. And for some reason, this brilliant musician loves me. I'm not really sure he actually knows how much he impresses, intimidates, and inspires me in so many ways  ... and I feel like I don't tell him enough. What's also amazing is that he sees something great in me too. I'm a lucky girl. So let's talk about the music ... this remix of "Horns" by Bryce Fox is BANANAS. STéLOUSE you are everything good in my world, now please continue to drop that ish ......


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Of course the day my bestie STéLOUSE drops this fire I had a family emergency ... usually I am harassing him and his management/my boyfriends to be the first one to post tracks or get that premiere! So today I am playing catch up with one of the most bad ass and influential artists I have come across in quite some time. Before I knew STéLOUSE, a friend of mine and I used to take long drives and play every track we could find by this Denver producer and nerd/fangirl out. While I'm sure he finds this very amusing, seeing as how we're now bosom buddies, but I'll never claim to be anything but a music lover and a fan -- these artists breathe life and meaning into my world, I'm nothing w/o them. STéLOUSE releases his new single "Lovers ft. Brave" and once again he strikes the awesome chord! Taking a more pop approach, this new one is complete with sexy dance floor groove and delicious future pop flavor ... STéLOUSE can  do no wrong!  


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Awwww what's up fam! Remember what happened last time we brought SteLouse to Audio in San Francisco? Complete debauchery and utter chaos -- and prolly the most fun we've had all year! I've never seen that room lit up like that ... such fire! We're so ready to do it all again, and this time we are adding the homies TastyTreat along with newcomer and bay area native BKAYE.  Tickets just went on sale today, so swoop yours now to guarantee yourself entry - cos last time we sold out and the line to get in was down the block! HAM! 


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We are super excited to welcome our new homies Closed Sessions out of DC and NYC to our SXSW 2016 party GET BUZZZED! Closed Sessions are kinda killing the independent live game in their city, and this new friendship has got us feeling some kind of way!  Together we have stacked a bill for your Saturday in Austin that's full of the freshest future bass and hip-hop feels .... this is such fire! Remember to RSVP for entry!