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Of course the day my bestie STéLOUSE drops this fire I had a family emergency ... usually I am harassing him and his management/my boyfriends to be the first one to post tracks or get that premiere! So today I am playing catch up with one of the most bad ass and influential artists I have come across in quite some time. Before I knew STéLOUSE, a friend of mine and I used to take long drives and play every track we could find by this Denver producer and nerd/fangirl out. While I'm sure he finds this very amusing, seeing as how we're now bosom buddies, but I'll never claim to be anything but a music lover and a fan -- these artists breathe life and meaning into my world, I'm nothing w/o them. STéLOUSE releases his new single "Lovers ft. Brave" and once again he strikes the awesome chord! Taking a more pop approach, this new one is complete with sexy dance floor groove and delicious future pop flavor ... STéLOUSE can  do no wrong!