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I'm kind of in a mood this morning - I'm just wanting to love on everyone with hugs and cuddles, so I'm gonna talk about this special dude. Some people come into your life and continuously blow your mind, and STéLOUSE is one of those guys. The music this guy is making is next level - beyond top quality .... every one should be in awe of his greatness. And for some reason, this brilliant musician loves me. I'm not really sure he actually knows how much he impresses, intimidates, and inspires me in so many ways  ... and I feel like I don't tell him enough. What's also amazing is that he sees something great in me too. I'm a lucky girl. So let's talk about the music ... this remix of "Horns" by Bryce Fox is BANANAS. STéLOUSE you are everything good in my world, now please continue to drop that ish ......