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It's no secret - Alt:Vision artist, Medasin, has emerged atop a slew of hungry new generation producers as one of the best and brightest. His long-awaited debut LP, Irene, is a crisp glimmer of honesty and subtle complexities that make up a truly magnetizing listening experience from front to back. As detailed in his interview with Billboard, Medasin dedicated the album to the the only person who helped him see light in a time shrouded by darkness: Irene. Paralleling that same sentiment, he brought in two vocalists, Kaz Moon and Sophie Meiers, who also resonated with his own personal journey, and are featured on the only two vocal-forward tracks on the LP. 

"Work For You" feat. Kaz Moon is an easy going track sprinkled with Medasin's signature trappy beats, and laced with flutters that will make your heart do the same. Kaz brings an effortless rhythmic flow that is all his own and makes this song a sure fire stand-out on the album.

"Tired" feat. Sophie Meiers is the danciest select on this full-length masterpiece. Sophie's smooth yet longing vocal tone makes you feel each glowing key stroke that's threaded through the track, that much more deeply. 

Do yourself a favor - take a stroll through the city, headphones in, volume up, and soak up the new-wordly sounds of Irene.

Disclosure: Medasin is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer, Hunter Thompson


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Syracuse-bred Ye. and Austin-based electronic duo Far & Few join forces for their energy-infused new single, “iwantuu.” Blending the sounds of their hometowns- Austin’s pumping bass and New York’s deep melodies, the three concoct a piece that oozes with musical vitality. The single summons listeners, commanding their undivided attention from start to finish through echoing vocal chops, oriental-styled synths, intermingling harmonies, and of course, a compelling rhythm. It’s nearly impossible to deny the chemistry among these producers as you’ll find yourselves absolutely vulnerable to the hooking sound of “iwantuu.”



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Bringing the sounds of France to the U.S, celebrated producer Khamsin returns with an indie-electro masterpiece, "My Way" featuring the vocal delicacies of Foreign Family's latest signee, MOONZz. Khamsin is a member of France's production super-group, Slow Hours, alongside rising artists such as KidswasteAstre and more. Recruited for remixes by the likes of ZHU, Major Lazer, and the Grammy-nominated Mura Masa, Khamsin is no stranger to the world's finest production. "My Way" blends thick drum cadences with future-bass melodies- the perfect algorithm for MOONZz' poetic lyricism to shine. Subtle walls of syrupy-synths cascade finely tuned guitar riffs, showcasing Khamsin's versatile, and dexterous skill set. Balancing indie-pop with bouncy electronic production, "My Way" is stand out single from the French visionary, defined by clean transitions and true artistic synchronicity. Take a ride with Khamsin and MOONZz on "My Way."



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Every now and then I just want to rock out and indulge in a hard hitting, bass driven trap track that puts my mind back in the club no matter where i am. NY producer ye. already grabs my attention with the diversity he brings to bear with his catalogue and his new track "canunot" is no exception. Grab your free download here

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Alright y'all - the next installment of the steady stream of Titus remixes is here and OMG .... I am all about this one! In a way, we have taken this New Jersey rapper under our wing and kinda just want to tell the world about everything he's dropping, because man it's good! This is our third Titus premiere, and we've supported more of this tracks on BB over the past months. He definitely deserves the exposure and, well, we love him and we want you to love him too! His latest vocal edit slays with this spin on "Gogo!' by Baauer is bananas good, covered in that future hip-hop sound that we've come to know from Titus. You can grab a free download HERE!