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I had to get up early before one of the other Beautiful Buzzz crew posted this new RAC track - we are all such fan nerds over the Portland based song writer and producer, we fight over who gets to put up the new new!  I usually call dibs tho! And .... who can forget the last time RAC and MNDR worked together on "Let Go" - one of the greatest summertime vibes tracks ever! With just a few days away from RAC's full length release EGO, he's handed us "Unusual ft. MNDR" for our listening pleasure! As expected, with these two legends back together, this is indie dance pop perfection. Once again RAC gives us that summertime groove that takes over our senses and makes us wanna hit that dance floor! And with MNDR's ultra cool vocals this combo can do no wrong. I can't wait to hear the rest of this record! You guys can pre-order EGO HERE


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Bobby Nourmand has returned to our BB pages with his latest - a deep cut featuring NY rappers DOC and Goodmorning "MIND". After the success of his past couple of releases "D E E P in NY" and "Smokin' Joe" have put up good numbers on Spotify, he was primed for this latest release on The Magician's Potion Records. The slick bassline bobs underneath a sparse top melody that serves as the perfect backdrop for the lyrics and hip hop verses. Add this to your favorite deep playlist on Spotify.


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This is our shitt right here. New Cut Copy means happiness in a lot of people's earholes. This heavenly piece of music will take you "Airborne" with their perfectly groovy bassline, perky drumming and funky guitars. As eclectic as it is magnificent we're treated with flittering blips of rhythmic hits rising out above the flowing pads. The resolute chorus of falsetto singers chant "That don't stop me" as the song bumps along. We've heard rumours that this is the first of more to come as the band has been recording a all over the globe in the past year. Sign us up Cut's been too long. Add this on Spotify here


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I've got an explorative genre bending remix here from Austin's WAVEDASH. The trio said that The M Machine's "Metropolis EP" was a huge influence for them (they're definitely not the only ones), and the opportunity to do an official remix was a truly exciting prospect: "Remixing ‘Talking Machine’ has not only been fun and inspiring, but has allowed us to move in a different creative direction than what we have showcased with our previous releases. Thank you to Mad Zoo and The M Machine, we're so thankful to be apart of such an amazing release.” Cinematic, jarring, eccentric, all the while mind blowing. Definitely dive into this one. You can listen on Spotify here


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I got that new new with our boy Sweater Beats! His latest track "Glory Days ft. Hayley Kiyoko" is electro pop perfection! As one of the pioneers of that future pop sound, Sweater Beats continues to deliver with this signature dance vibe that's super delicious - and having Hayley Kiyoko on vocals is like the proverbial cherry on top! This weekend we are bring Sweater Beats to San Francisco to play our next pool party -- Sunday July 09  at The Phoenix Hotel.  There's gonna be a ton of surprises at this one - so grab your swim suit and all your friends and lets day party! Advance tickets are still available!


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Austin, Texas has been a point of refuge for starving artists for decades. This vibrant, metropolitan haven is more of a showcase than a city. In the midst of this unusual southern city, which fuels itself on dancing to the beat of its own drum, you can find multi-talented musician Vince Seidl- a man who is no stranger to the oddities that define Austin. Seidl, otherwise known as Diamond Cuts, is a producer, guitarist, drummer, keyboardist, and 1/3 of the future-funk ensemble Resonant Frequency. Prior to Resonant Frequency's take off, Seidl channeled his expertise, primarily, into his alias Diamond Cuts. Since RF has seen a steady rise in success, Diamond Cuts has been on a hiatus. But, alas, DC is back and deep-seated as ever with the hard-hitting release of "Elevate." Diamond Cuts is a love child born from funk, classic rock, soul, and hip-hop. His latest drop runs on big, future-bass, with oscillating hints of groove and hip-hop right on the nose. His musical flora is apparent here, combining all of his inspirations in one track. It drips with a syrupy, sonic reverb- a spectacle of sounds and verses. Elevate is a wicked spell, turning dust into gold, and redefining what future-bass is all about. You can check out the sounds of his comeback on both Soundcloud and Spotify


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The weekend is finally here ... once we can get through this work day then we are free!! If you're in LA then you might be going to the second sold out night at The El Rey with these two legends! Robotaki and Manila Killa set the bar when these shows sold out in a matter of hours! It makes my heart burst with joy to see two artists we've been supporting and loving make huge moves! I get to see Manila Killa this weekend as well -- he sold out his show at The Regency Ballroom in SF and a bunch of the Moving Castle crew are coming up ... we gonna rage! Robotaki and Manila Killa teamed up on this latest release via Moving Castle "I Want You ft. Matthew John Kurz" for all the chilled summertime future feels! Love it! 

Disclosure: Manila Killa is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writers Alli Lindsey + Lindsey Oh


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One of the coolest things about the modern day music industry is the existence of artists who do everything on their own. There is a growing contingent of artists who are the all-in-one singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Los Angeles-based Phil Good is one of this new breed of creators. He burst onto the scene last year with infectious debut single "Sleeping In" and has since followed up with a couple great remixes (including this one by Sean Turk), a killer collab with k?d, and sophomore burner "Growing Up" — you could say we're fans.

This week he shares his third solo track "I Miss You" which is yet another emotionally relatable record with catchy melodies and upbeat bouncy contemporary production. I've been blasting this one and singing it everywhere from my commute to the shower. Give it a listen and you will be too.

Phil himself shared a short story about the song:

“I Miss You is the first song in a while that just poured out of me. I wrote it during a visit home last Christmas on one of my best friends' couch while looking out at a pretty incredible wintery view of Portland. Everything was movie-perfect except for the fact that the love of my life with was not there with me. I think writing and producing this song really helped me better understand this project and pave a clearer path of the future of Phil Good and the type of catchy-but-not-too-happy music I want to make.” - Phil Good


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As if I would forget to post this one! Last week this legend dropped a heater, and I just wanted to make sure everyone got their hands on all the fire! Boston producer Sober Rob is not fucking around with his latest single "Moving On ft. Karra" - I'm swooning! With synthed out melodies and angelic vocals, we have a cross between an epic future pop love song and 80s new wave underground club hit! Brilliant! You guys can swoop this one via iTunes HERE