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It's about time the whole world meets Cruels! I've known this legend for years from other projects he's worked on, and I have to say his latest reincarnation into Cruels just might be my favorite! I've always had mad respect tho, his bay area band was quite popular and I have even been known to say, "that guy is the real genius" - which he probably doesn't know about, but now I guess I've just given away all my secrets! The proof is right here kids - his debut track "Give It Up ft. Salt Ashes" is pretty amazing, a perfect combination of indie house beats with some dance pop feels - it's very chic! He also just told me about some very exciting future tracks featuring some pretty amazing artists we all know and love, so better keep your eyes and ears on this one! I asked Crules to share his Top 5 Summer Jams which includes his track, well done sir! Listen and love! 

Cruels - Give It Up ft. Salt Ashes
I basically picked this one because, A. It's my first release as a solo artist and B. I like it. :)  Salt Ashes was amazing to work with and she's quite the gift of the track. Two parts tropical house, One part UK garage.

Ren Phillips - Comfort In Your Company ft. Cameron Bloomfield
Love when someone properly chops a vocal sample. This beat has a very "Peaches N' Cream" 1996 shuffle that I love that morphs into an almost Reggaeton/Garage cadence. Also, Cameron Bloomfields voice will make you melt into a steaming puddle.

DIGY - Tragedy ft. KIRSCH
This is some smooth dark RnB. It's perfect example of how it should be done. Slow and pumping. Distant pig-squeel guitars. Take note Weeknd.

Archy Stranger - Fundamentalism
I just heard this the other day and was taken back how lovely the vocals are and how well a vocal sample for the chorus hits. Heavy bruhhhh.

Brayton Bowman - Real
This song is almost like if Michael Buble did new modern music with Cashmere Cat.  I love it's throttle-voiced, snare upbeat, fast hi hat shuffles. The vocal edited is great and sits nicely without getting too annoying. Turn this jam on when you wanna clean your house in UK style.