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If you are a regular to Beautiful Buzzz - you know I am totally smitten with Crywolf. Lately he's been on point with all things I believe to be great, and this latest single is another reason you need to get into him immediately!!  The fourth and final release from forthcoming album Cataclasm  is here -- "Slow Burn" is just as sexy and dreamy as the other three, and I am looking forward to this record more than anything! His sweet sensual voice is like an angel, and the last time I said that about someone was a few years back when talking about this little up-and-coming singer named Sam Smith.  I digress, Crywolf is that good -- I'm swooning again! His synthy melodies hit all the right buttons, and his lyrics ..... guess what he's also a fucking poet!  Artists like this are the reason I do what I do!!  Bananas good!  The album drops NOV 20 and you can pre-order that bad boy HERE!