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The viceroy smoking, gap toothed, skater-boy, Mac Demarco is one of the most prominent figures in contemporary indie-rock music by any standard. His cult-like following, and general energy is fearless, and flamboyant with grit, so covering the legend is no easy feat. But, Sydney’s multi-instrumentalist producer and singer, Mickey Kojak is challenging the notion that legends’ music should be left unmarked. His dusty-chrome production, and breathy vocals are sent through an AM-radio-esque filter, as he executes a cover of Mac’s “Chamber Of Reflection.” Mickey plays each instrument, produces each note, and uses his own innate gift of vocal excellence to redefine the original track. While remaining true the OG piece, Mickey inks his signature unto the melody- slowing its cadence, and ripening its meaning with a soft, introspective 80s-style synth. This cover is distinctively sensual, yet remains easy-going and playful. This Aussie cutie took a little piece of my heart with this cover- keep him on your radar, because this track proves his musicianship is teetering at the tipping point. Catch you on the other side.


Disclaimer: Mickey Kojak is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz Staff Writer, Hunter Thompson


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Heroic Recordings is establishing itself as one the most sound and reliable outlets for indie-electronic music. One of Heroic Recordings most notable artists, the one with the stunning jaw line, Dooqu, just released a dreamy, progressive-synth single. "Cirlces" featuring singer-songwriter Ian Gott is a brief, yet fulfilling track rich in emotional depth. Gott's jarring lyrics are in fine tune with the airy leads carefully executed by Dooqu. The track is riddled with charm and attention to detail, both instrumentally and lyrically. Gott sings, in a whimsical tone, "the yarn from your shirt unravels my nerves-" lyrically exposing the power of detail in a not-so-romantic age. Its elements are fractalized, but the sum of its parts create a idyllic, consciously driven piece. Dooqu's latest release is a diamond in a world of musical dust. Explore and stream this arduous collaboration, via Spotify now. 


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Jack Casey, better known as EMBRZ, just dropped a down-tempo masterpiece, "Higher." This Ireland-based, self taught producer has already received stellar reviews on his latest track. I find it more than safe to say, the buzz is much deserved, as this romantic piece is both calming and energizing. "Higher" is engulfed by the sounds of gold with radiating, subtly chopped lyrics, and glowing expressionism. The track's warmth is transcended by a staggering build up at 2:00, leading into a final drop of sentiment and sunshine. This single was obviously crafted by a young musician with a passionate, charming spirit. "Higher" possesses a quixotic temper, that is soft and whimsical. Get with this amorous debut by adding it to your summer time Spotify playlist. Thank you EMBRZ. 


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Earlier this year Los Angeles pop artist Blodboy released her first single "Human Female" and we kinda went gaga over it! Today our homie and Desert Hearts legend Lonely Boy has put his funky throwback feels all over this new remix. Full of synthy melodies and deep house disco beats, this 80's sound revival is the perfect mix of past and future. You can grab a free download HERE!  


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I can't sleep - maybe because I know tomorrow is going to be bananas!  Everyone will be back in the office from the holiday break, and I have one million things to do!  So, as I stare at my inbox to decide that I will tackle first in the morning, Jordan F puts up this new track that is delicious and I am feeeeeeling this riiiiight now!  It's the perfect vibe for my mood - and everyone loves a little 80's synthwave vibe .... I mean ..... rad!!  This Australian producer just released his new album Timeless, and this track "Let's Cruise" is the opening jam to what has been a highly anticipated synthwave piece of art! You can swoop this bad boy via iTunes HERE


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A few years back I invited NZCA Lines to play my SXSW show - and needless to say he totally blew us away!  Not sure how his recent activity slipped under my radar, but holy cow this new single is so so so so good!  "Two Hearts" comes from his forthcoming album Infinite Summer out 1/22 via Memphis Industries, and it looks like he's added a couple ladies to the mix!  I'm swooning once again, NZCA Lines has always had that effect over me, with his luscious synth pop sound made for the dance floor, this is as good as it gets .... aaggggagagga I love it! Swoop this one via iTunes HERE!   


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THIS THO!  For weeks I have been talking about Los Angeles indie electronic legend Crywolf, swooning in circles over his brilliance.  Someone in the industry once told me that when I really like something, it's liking on the next level.  Maybe I am not afraid to show my passion for music and artists I really love.  Everyone who knows me has seen what a nerd I am - working in this industry or not, I hope I never lose that part of my personality.  And talk about nerding out, Crywolf is my main squeeze riiiight now!  Last week he released new full length record Cataclasm for an outpouring of symphonic pleasure that is definitely .... next level!  I can't stop I won't stop with this one - each track is brilliant.  Grab your headphones and hold on, because there are so many beautiful moments and radiant surprises layered throughout this journey, Crywolf has just set the bar!  I have included "The Hunger In Your Haunt" above, however you can stream the full album, and I know you will want to purchase this masterpiece via iTunes HERE!  


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For me, music can be just as visually stimulating at times as even the most vibrant pieces of art. Certain pieces of music make my imagination go crazy, I envision far off places; dream-like environments with sprawling landscapes never before seen by human eyes. While yes this a very personal reaction that only exists in my head, I can only imagine the musings of others when they encounter music such as this "With Me" by Commandeur. I've never heard of this Australian native before, but I'm soo happy I have now. The name of our blog is Beautiful Buzzz and this track is both Beautiful and very Buzzzworthy. Rich in atmospheric elegance, delicate and personal, yet with a feeling of vast expansiveness. The airy echoes of the female voice intertwine with the lead vocals engulfing you in a warm and mysterious soundscape of colors and tones. This record takes you on a mellifluous journey into a synthetic fantasy. Allow yourself to become the innocent child you once were. Indulge your imagination and hit play.


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If you are a regular to Beautiful Buzzz - you know I am totally smitten with Crywolf. Lately he's been on point with all things I believe to be great, and this latest single is another reason you need to get into him immediately!!  The fourth and final release from forthcoming album Cataclasm  is here -- "Slow Burn" is just as sexy and dreamy as the other three, and I am looking forward to this record more than anything! His sweet sensual voice is like an angel, and the last time I said that about someone was a few years back when talking about this little up-and-coming singer named Sam Smith.  I digress, Crywolf is that good -- I'm swooning again! His synthy melodies hit all the right buttons, and his lyrics ..... guess what he's also a fucking poet!  Artists like this are the reason I do what I do!!  Bananas good!  The album drops NOV 20 and you can pre-order that bad boy HERE!