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THIS THO!  For weeks I have been talking about Los Angeles indie electronic legend Crywolf, swooning in circles over his brilliance.  Someone in the industry once told me that when I really like something, it's liking on the next level.  Maybe I am not afraid to show my passion for music and artists I really love.  Everyone who knows me has seen what a nerd I am - working in this industry or not, I hope I never lose that part of my personality.  And talk about nerding out, Crywolf is my main squeeze riiiight now!  Last week he released new full length record Cataclasm for an outpouring of symphonic pleasure that is definitely .... next level!  I can't stop I won't stop with this one - each track is brilliant.  Grab your headphones and hold on, because there are so many beautiful moments and radiant surprises layered throughout this journey, Crywolf has just set the bar!  I have included "The Hunger In Your Haunt" above, however you can stream the full album, and I know you will want to purchase this masterpiece via iTunes HERE!