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It's time once again to introduce a brand spanking new artist through the BUZZZMIX Series! We came across this Brooklyn based producer not too long ago by discovering his amazing remix of "When I Met You" by ONUKA, and we have been fans ever since.  So when it came time for BUZZZMIX VOL. 14 we knew EDGITO was a great choice! He wanted to create his version of spring time vibes and put together this mix titled "Chill" which you can download now for free!  EDGITO stuffs this mix full of funky chill dance vibes for days!  Discover something new, get to know EDGITO!

Track Listing:

1. Intro (Original Mix) - 2illusions
2. Walk Up (Original Mix) - Unclepasha
3. Jacqueline (Chill Mix) - Rodg
4. Circles (Samuel Remix) - Passenger
5. Life's Too Short - Dan Bravo
6. Bad, Bad, Bad (Matt DiMona Remix) - LANY
7. Smile - Etienne de Crécy
8. Wipeout (Original Mix) - Vision Factory
9. My Head Is A Jungle (Billon Remix) - Wankelmut & Emma Louise
10. Morro Bae (MyKill Remix) - 8th Grader
11. The Way She Lies (Ft. Veela) - I'm From Finland
12. Love Brings Us Back Together (Jackie Remix) - Eli, pHaZe Project
13. Remember The Time (DiscoRazor Remix) - Michael Jackson