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I don't claim to be good at many things -- I can't cook, spelling and math are rather difficult, I tend to fall over quite a bit so walking is problematic, and I get a lot of parking tickets.  However, one thing I am fucking fabulous at doing is knowing which young up & coming music maker is going to be huge!  If it's the only thing I ever do well, I'll be OK with that because I'll be exposing producers like Melvv, and I think that's pretty cool!  Melvv is an 18 year old bedroom producer from Milwaukee whom I've been chatting about quite a bit these days, and after listening to this new remix of "Adore" by Jasmine Thompson you'll see why. His electro disco feels are salying with this one, he's growing up and it's showing!  Now that Melvv has great management and a fancy agent, we'll be seeing him start to appear one very cool one-off shows and hitting the festival circuit.  I'm so excited for Melvv - get into this one kids!