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It's been a minute, but we're super happy to have our boy Kiso back on our pages. In case you missed it Kiso has put together a monster year with huge number remixes on his Mike Posner cover of "I Took A Pill in Ibiza," and DJ Snake's "Middle" both featuring a singer Kayla Diamond.  Hey if you've got a good thing why change it right? So today we are super pleased to premiere a new original "So Long" with vocals guessed it Kayla Diamond! I asked Kiso to give me some insight into the making of this song, "So this song started way back in May of 2015 as an Instrumental with my main guitar guy/vocal engineer Ashton Price. It took us like 3 hours to place the guitars for some odd reason and by the end of it the time was 3am. So for about a year we shopped it around to vocalists as 3am Instrumental mix. Nothing came out of it, then all of a sudden we remembered Kayla... and so we sent it to her and she had some amazing lyrics for it in like 1 hour. I honestly almost gave up on it but then Kayla killed it so we knew we had to release it ASAP" A year and one hour in the making...I think it's time listeners dive into this one. You can download/stream on your favorite retailer here.