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It's been a minute, but we're super happy to have our boy Kiso back on our pages. In case you missed it Kiso has put together a monster year with huge number remixes on his Mike Posner cover of "I Took A Pill in Ibiza," and DJ Snake's "Middle" both featuring a singer Kayla Diamond.  Hey if you've got a good thing why change it right? So today we are super pleased to premiere a new original "So Long" with vocals guessed it Kayla Diamond! I asked Kiso to give me some insight into the making of this song, "So this song started way back in May of 2015 as an Instrumental with my main guitar guy/vocal engineer Ashton Price. It took us like 3 hours to place the guitars for some odd reason and by the end of it the time was 3am. So for about a year we shopped it around to vocalists as 3am Instrumental mix. Nothing came out of it, then all of a sudden we remembered Kayla... and so we sent it to her and she had some amazing lyrics for it in like 1 hour. I honestly almost gave up on it but then Kayla killed it so we knew we had to release it ASAP" A year and one hour in the making...I think it's time listeners dive into this one. You can download/stream on your favorite retailer here.  


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Wow it's getting to be that time where we're super swamped in all things SXSW, but I gotta take a quick second to support our homie Kiso with his excellent new cover remix of Mike Posner's "I Took A Pill In Ibiza." This remix features incredible vocals by Kayla Diamond and the usual Kiso guitars that envelope the track with finesse. I've also heard that Kiso has some other tracks with Kayla coming down the pipe so be looking out for that! This is definitely gonna be a staple in a bunch of sets! You can nab this as a free download here

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It's been an exciting day at BB! We just released our next installment of the BUZZZMIX series by the one and only Lost Kings! Go listen to that bad boy, but AFTER you check out this new new by our boy Kiso. Speaking of which we need to get Kiso to do a Buzzzmix wink wink nudge nudge Kiso?? Anyway, today we've got a laid back, but more tropical remix of Benjamin Francis Leftwich's "Tilikum." This is another example of Kiso's atmospheric chill house that just puts you at ease. Bongos and snaps all day ha ha, Kiso wraps the vocals around his signaturely smooth bass into sweet perfection. You can get that free download here

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Dude! I was hoping this collaboration was going to happen again and much to my delight it did! Winners of the Oliver Heldens and Shaun Frank's "Shades of Grey" remix competition and our besties Win & Woo and Kiso have come together again this time to remix Brandyn Burnette's epic tune "Made Of Dreams." Stoked to see that this track is already trending on hype machine. The guys have put a perfectly danceable rework to Brandyn's soulful indie tune, with snappy piano, head bobbing kicks, bongos and of course guitar! Definitely the soundtrack to my Friday afternoon right now! Sunshine and smiles all around grab this free dl right here

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I had the pleasure of watching Shaun Frank get down last night at Mix Magazine's lab in downtown LA, and today I get to premiere Kiso's new remix of Shaun and KSHMR's angelic tune "Heaven." Kiso is owning what I'm dubbing as chill guitar house and this latest release is another breed of exactly that. Kiso has been steadily gaining more and more support for his releases recently getting spins on SiriusXM's BPM station while racking up hundreds of thousands of plays on Soundcloud. Just happy to say that Beautiful Buzzz has been a part of this process.


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Today we've got another premiere for you from our homie Kiso! He's taken his smooth dance sensibilities to our main man Saint WKND's smash hit "Lost (Runaway) feat. INGLSH" that we had the pleasure of premiering back on September 4th! Kiso's remix features a fantasticly fluid guitar line that we've come to expect from his tracks pulled through a smooth bass and mellifulously arpeggiated synths. Kiso's having a great year so far winning the remix contest for Oliver Heldens' and Shaun Frank's "Shades of Grey" with fellow Chicago homies Win & Woo and his first original release on Ultra Music with "Hvar feat. MSP." Grab this free download!


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Wake up and breathe in the fresh air! Kiso is bringing us on a wonderfully smooth and mellow journey with this record that is wholly representative of it's title "Sunrise." Perfect for a morning jog, revitalizing cup of joe, AM drive to work, whatever your morning routine, bump this jam and let your cares slip away. We're immediately brought into airy vocals almost tacitly moving us along into a warming dance chorus that is gloriously simple yet refined. By the second drop Kiso gives us a dreamy guitar line that further accents the fluidity of the tune. Sunrises are simple things; inherent beauties that are instantly understood and admired. Much in the same vein, this Kiso remix reminds us that some songs can be effortless to grasp, yet still powerful. This kind of simplicity is exactly what I need in my mornings before the complications of the busy day ahead.