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Wake up and breathe in the fresh air! Kiso is bringing us on a wonderfully smooth and mellow journey with this record that is wholly representative of it's title "Sunrise." Perfect for a morning jog, revitalizing cup of joe, AM drive to work, whatever your morning routine, bump this jam and let your cares slip away. We're immediately brought into airy vocals almost tacitly moving us along into a warming dance chorus that is gloriously simple yet refined. By the second drop Kiso gives us a dreamy guitar line that further accents the fluidity of the tune. Sunrises are simple things; inherent beauties that are instantly understood and admired. Much in the same vein, this Kiso remix reminds us that some songs can be effortless to grasp, yet still powerful. This kind of simplicity is exactly what I need in my mornings before the complications of the busy day ahead.