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Oh my lord Tennyson is simply on another level. It's incredible the maturity of music that's coming out from this camp at such a young age. This young brother sister duo has put together a broad, genre bending and eclectic catalogue, and is in no way slowing down. Their latest "Your Eyes" is another fine example of the versatility Luke and Tess can offer. The instrumental is full of arabic percussion, sound effects, world sounds, bright synths, pianos soo much good stuff it's almost hard to piece it all together. I'm a very casual fan of jazz, but you can easily tell the influence their jazz background has on their sound. Known for taking practically any type of sound: car alarms, seatbelts, breaths, footsteps, etc Luke will find a way to bend its sonic characteristics to his musical will. The prowess he shows in this ability is truly mind-blowing. In "Your Eyes" Njomza's longing vocals are soothing, but with a tinge of heartache, mellifluously rising above the instrumental taking the single soaring to new heights. If you're into geeking out at music like me then start diving into their catalogue.  San Fran and LA you can catch Tennyson on tour with M83 with stops on 10/27 and 10/28 respectively more tour info here. You can also download this single for free here.