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Oh it must be Tuesday, because I've got another fresh premiere to show everybody! I say that as a long lost ode to better days...a glorious time when Tuesday was the official music release day. Now we are but forced to deal with Fridays as the officially recognized international music release day. We are an event company that often has shows on you can see our dilemma with the choice, but alas we must now adhere to international standards (interesting read on why it was changed here). I digress..lets chat about our girl Ninth Child and her fantastic new tune "Say What You Mean". This record is full of exotic flare, mysterious vibes and interesting percussion. Much like her previous release "Ready," that we had the fortune of premiering, Natalia has established a distinctly arabic or worldly tone to her brand of electronic beats. That mixed with the vocals and vox chops combine into a flavorful sound that's easy to get swept up in. I was able to attend the music video release party for "Ready," a while back, and I'm hoping we'll soon see a similar treatment for this tune as well. Be sure to follow Ninth Child on Spotify here.