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This morning has been full of premieres which we're super excited about. Next up I have the ultimate pleasure of getting to introduce to you Ninth Child and her new single "Ready." When I first met her and her manager they explained to me that she was a spoken word artist with bass heavy beats and an experiential performance. At first I was like hmm that sounds really interesting, but then I got to see Ninth Child live and it all made sense! I'll let the music speak for itself, "Ready" starts us quick with a build then chills off as her ethereal vocals chime in leading us to the bright and bassy future breakdown. Hyper hi hats, melodic arps, soaring vocals and even a whoah combine to entreat us into dancing for a few sweeping moments before being brought back down again. The ending leaves us entranced with a smooth outro accompanied by more dreamlike spoken word as we're drifted off into silence. This is an exciting start for Ninth Child, and we know much more lies ahead.