Mike DooseComment

Man do I love me some Mazde! The young German producer sure knows how to create a vibe. Last month I shared "Neverland" feat. Khary, his foray into adding some rap onto his future bass-y, soundscape-y style (which ended up hitting the coveted #1 spot on HypeM). This time, I'm so jazzed on "Wicked Winds" which is more of a chill, chugging, atmospheric dance number. He creates an incredibly infectious rhythm with the airy percussion and layers over it the dreamiest of synth chords and vocal samples. Gorgeous use of attenuating filters draws attention to different parts of the mix. The end result is an otherworldly jam that would be the ideal soundtrack for cruising along the ocean coast at night. Listen for yourself above or in any other form HERE courtesy of our Aussie friends at Stoney Roads Records.