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THIS!  So many feels here y'all!  Our next premiere is from electro pop legend SIVIK! He's single handedly bringing a serious sexy time groove to your afternoon - this one is swoon worthy!  His new single "Time" is packed full of soulful R&B vocals over synthy melodies, and SIVIK has  this to tell us --  "'Time' is a song about ex-lovers that remain friends...I'm sure there are many who can relate. I mean, I hope I'm not the only one! Even tho present day you may only be friends, there are those times when old feelings emerge and that spark may still linger on occasion. So basically this song is about giving into that moment again, going "back in time" to where the relationship was good. However, at the end of it all, thats it...we are just friends and better off that way. But damn sometimes it feels right!”