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Giraffage was one of my very first shows Beautiful Buzzz did as a new promoter in San Francisco, almost 3 years ago now! It's been so awesome to watch our friend and total legend grow, and on this day of love he's given us something very special.  I was trying to stay away from the computer today, but when something is this good .... good to where multiple people sent me texts saying "That new Giraffage tho ....." it cannot simply be overlooked!   Many of you youngsters may not know that "Make You Love Me" is a song from one of the most talented female music makers we've known, Bonnie Raitt.  Original track dropped in 1991 - and me being the old lady that I am, remember this song and used to sing it at the top of my lungs with my mom!  Good times!  Giraffage has put this signature future feels R&B sounds all over this beautiful ballad - it's pretty much the best thing I've heard in a minute!  Grab this one as a free download HERE and share the love