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Time to get hype! So at BB it seems like we try to split time between beautiful melodic nu disco, indie rock/pop, and house, but lately we've been repping a bunch of harder music. I personally love both, so I hope our listeners agree. Sometimes you just wanna go nuts and jump around like a buffoon and that's what JOYRYDE's new banger is all about. "Fuel Tank" features a 'murder the dancefloor' vocal sample that pretty much sums up this track. This track stays four on the floor giving it a future/G House vibe, but with serious trap influences. JOYRYDE is showing off in a good way with this one, even including a dramatic sample of Giuseppe Verdi's Requiem: Dies Irae. BOOM just laid some classical music knowledge on you! Ha ha regardless by the end you're left totally breathless. Nab that free DL here